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LPC11Exx FIXME Comments in Header

Question asked by Mark Johnson on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

My project will use the LPC11E67 and I am writing preliminary software with the LPCXpresso11U68.


When trying to get Deep Power-Down to work, I discovered nine "FIXME" comments in the lpc_chip_11u6x project including:


// FIXME - LPC11U6X user manual shows this as bit 12. This is the bit that works!
#define SYSCTL_WAKEUP_RTCINT (1 << 19) /*!< RTC interrupt wake-up */
#define SYSCTL_WAKEUP_USB_WAKEUP (1 << 19) /*!< USB need_clock signal wake-up */


SYSCTL_WAKEUP_RTCINT really should be (1<<12) and that value does work.


Are there updates for lpc_chip_11u6x and/or lpc_chip_11e6x?


If so, what is the link?


Thank you.