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FBL linker execution failure

Question asked by BJ RAJENDRANATH on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by BJ RAJENDRANATH

Hi everyone,

With the reference, I'm trying to implement Flash Boot Loader concept (FBL) for my MPC5602P in CW Ver 2.9. I'm facing the following issues.  Kindly solve this.


1.) Is it possible to download both the user application program and boot loader application without erasing earlier program? As I tried programming the boot loader application using the PE Micro USB Multilink, it erases the earlier programmed user application, and vice versa. ( I ensured it by seeing the memory window. It completely erased the earlier programmed memory. including the key. So my user application is not executing the user application. So What I need to do? )

2.) I also faced this issue, when executing the __start file, it is not executing after the step lwz    r10,0(r9), as my complete memory filled with XX XX XX. The address r9 is a valid one 0x0003_FFF8. 


Thanks in advance,

BJ Rajendranath