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How to build mpc5748g project under linux command line

Question asked by ning li on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by ning li

      Hello,  I want to build the MPC5748g project under command line. This project can build in S32 studio IED(linux version), the IDE will create a DEBUD/ folder, and in command line(linux version) the project can be build. But if I don't have the DEBUG/ folder, how to generate the DEBUG/ or RELEASE/ under command line in linux, but not in windows?

      I ware that in the IDE, I can create a makefile project for the MPC5748g project, and gerenrate all the makefiles and args. I want to know how to use linux command line to create a makefile project for the existing projects? So I can get the Debug/ folder for all the make files.

      Where can I find the datasheet about how to use commands for building with the s32 studio tools?

     Thanks a lot.