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FRDM-K82 - Secure Boot on External flash

Question asked by swaminathanrathinasabapathy-b44984 Employee on Nov 14, 2017
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I had downloaded the code from the below link.


Issue 1 – FRDM -K82 Board.


Example code is downloading and executing as expected.

When I had placed the virtual comport example code in internal flash, I could download the code in Factory and programming mode.


After placing some of the Application codes in external flash. I could not flash the Application code in Factory mode using blhost.


a) Linker script changed, which is attached for your reference.

b) Pinmux.c changed, which is attached for your reference

c) I had followed – “Payment Solutions QuadSPI XIP Guide 1_r0.2.doc” and executed using IAR.


Issue 2 – Customer Target -  uses Different NOR Flash – 1MB(Attached for your reference).


a) I could not download the Bubble code

              i)  When I did #define OFFCHIP_END_ADDR    0x68080000, Bubble code is downloading in Customer Target board without any issues.

ii) Virtual Com port code when placed in internal flash, it is downloading in Customer target board and running in customer target.


4)  When I had used virtual com port code, placed some of the codes in external flash and Below is elftosb output.

Corrections made in FRDM-K82- USB CDC Class.





d) When blhost is executed, I am receiving the below error.


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