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LPC 1519 watchdog reset not happening correctly

Question asked by ravalimuppalla on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by jeremyzhou


I am trying to wake the Micro, 1519, from power down after WFI with a watchdog. I change the time in TC then put it to power down. So after TC amount of time i expect a reset from watchdog. But when i check the reset status it gives me a POR and not a watchdog reset. 


LPC_WWDT->TC = 2 minutes;  //previously the time was for 33sec

LPC_WWDT->MOD = 0x23; 





After reset i check the reset status with Chip_SYSCTL_GetSystemRSTStatus(); and i get a POR.


I tried "Chip_SYSCTL_EnableERP0PeriphWakeup(SYSCTL_ERP0_WAKEUP_WDTINT)" which wakes the micro but i don't get a reset on wake up, instead the micro waits for 90 seconds before getting reset. Then the reset status is watchdog reset.


Is there any reason for this?