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Lunching partition command on S32K

Question asked by Koorosh Hajiani on Nov 13, 2017


I need to switch from HI_SPEED_RUN mode to Just RUN mode to lunch flash partition command and back to hi speed run mode once done.

This is not working for me. use PE code to do this as fallows:


POWER_SYS_Init(&powerConfigsArr, POWER_MANAGER_CONFIG_CNT, &powerStaticCallbacksConfigsArr, POWER_MANAGER_CALLBACK_CNT);

Where powerConfigsArr is pointer to arrays of 2 configs (HI SPEED RUN, RUN) and the CNT is 2.


Then to switch I do:

POWER_SYS_SetMode( 1, 0);

which is supposed to switch to RUN and then lunch the partition  command which generates a reset.


What is wrong with this?

Please help.