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CAN FD 8Mbps not working

Question asked by yalamanda dosakyala on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Petr Stancik

Hi, I am using S32ds power pc v1.2 and MPC5748G EVB,I have successfully transmitted with CAN FD 1Mbps, 4Mbps but 8Mbps is not working. I have tried different baud rate settings


My baud rate settings are

.bitrate_cbt =


.propseg = 0,

.phaseseg1 = 1,

.phaseseg2 = 1,

.preDivider= 0,

.rJumbpwidth = 1



I have enabled TDC and offset value changed from 1 to 10 but still it didn't worked.


Can anyone help me to is there any problem with these settings or give me an idea how to resolve it.