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UART EXTERNAL WRAP Transmission Issue

Question asked by rvijay435 on Nov 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by rvijay435

Hi Sir/Madam,

We are performing the following steps: 1. UART registers are configured as per 21.21 SCC UART Programming Example mentioned in the MPC8280 Reference Manual. 2. UART Buffers and Buffer Descriptors are all configured. 3. The R-bit is set in the SCC UART Transmit Buffer Descriptor which starts the Transmission. As per the description in the Reference Manual, the R bit will be cleared by Communication Processor module. But this is not happening and the data is not transmitted through the external wrap connection. We have added a timeout of 7SECS for the data to be transmitted. After 7-seconds it is coming out of the loop and displaying TRANSMIT TIMEOUT EXCEEDED. May I know what can be the cause of the issue?