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Question asked by liu wanjin on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by andrei.skok

960-1215MHz is a broadband design. The optimum Zload and Zsource impedances depend on the frequency. Impedance matching for broadband design is more complex task and, most cases, the broadband design loses to narrow-band design in gain and efficiency. Typically, you have to use ADS optimization tool to achieve design targets.


In your case, the target bandwidth is 20MHz. It is a narrow-band design. You can perform impedance matching at the center of the operating frequency band. So, it is not reasonable to follow 960-1215MHz design for your task.


>there is no complete circuit, you can provide here?


If needed, i can provide you the DXF file. Please, create a ticket to technical support. I'm not allowed to put this file at this community.