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K-64 Unable to Connect to GDBserver for Debug

Question asked by Designer11 on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Designer11

Hi All,


I'm having issue with KDS connecting to the gdbserver for debugging in KDS IDE after my computer is reset. Initially, I was able to have connection between KDS and gdbserver and debug the code without any issue.  However, after i reset my computer,  KDS keep hanging  at 60 percent whenever i try to enter debug mode.


To verify whether there is still connection between my computer and the target i used SEGGER J-Link GDB server GUI  and commander and  noticed that the debugger probe is indeed connected to the K-64 MCU but not to the GDBServer, waiting for connection to GDB is the message i received.


I also attached a few images of the project setting in KDS  for Segger debug probe that used to work and now failed.


What i did but didn't help solve the issue:


-Reset and turn off the computer

-Removed all breakpoints

-Power cycled the target/host and debug probe

-Switched to using PEMicro Multilink

-Switched to using another laptop

-Created new workspace, and test project



- Should I talk to IT to open certain ports or allow certain IP range ?



Thank you in advance for the help.