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JN-AN-1189 ZigBee HA coordinator and temp/humidity sensor

Question asked by Joerg Gittinger on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Hi all,

I want to program my JN5168 device as ZigBee coordinator so it can receive ZCL Report Attributes commands from my Temp/Humidity Sensor ZigBee devices and dump information out on serial line. I used the JN-AN-1189 HA coordinator as a template. Basically it works: the JN5168 can form the network, the Temp/Humidity Sensor is joining and starts sending ZCL Report Attributes commands with temperature and humidity information. With Wireshark I see that the required packages are sent (without having to configure report attributes). I see as well that ZCL clusters ids 402 and 405 (temp, humidity) for coordinator end device #1 arrive in the JN5168 with the ZPS_EVENT_APS_DATA_INDICATION event.


My problem is that I now like to get the temperature and humidity data extracted.The sStackEvent.uEvent.sApsDataIndEvent event instance in the vHandleStackEvent() callback in App_Coordinator.c does not contain that information.

When reading the user guides and the SDK sources regarding the I assume I have to create and/or register a ZCL handler on an end device (the Report Attributes commands are sent to the coordinator end device #1) which receives the events E_ZCL_CBET_REPORT_ATTRIBUTES and E_ZCL_CBET_REPORT_INDIVIDUAL_ATTRIBUTE. How do I do that? In the App configuration I see there is an End Point "Coord" (1) which has an Input Cluster "Default" -> apduZCL. I assume there must be a possibility to receive the ZCL event through that end device.


Up to now I have not yet succeeded with the Coordinator template of JN-AN-1189. Do I have to modify the OS configuration in order to receive ZCL events? Any help is appreciated!