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Utilising KMS execute-only code on KV46F

Question asked by Vijay Vaidya on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Vijay Vaidya


We have a custom MKV46F256VLH16 based board developed on the basis of HVP-KV46F150M schematic.


We are using MCUExpresso environment for development purposes.

We understand from the datasheet that all the chips, by deafult, are equipped with Kinetis
Motor Suite, execute-only flash.


The documents for KMS 1.1.0 like API guide etc. are already available on the NXP site.


We want to utilise this already resident s/w in our programs.


We were not able to locate any document explaining as to, how to do this.


We guess, there has to be a library file similar to "libKmsKV3xF_KDS_LE.a" that is present
in KMS KV31 based reference projects, May be named, "libKmsKV4xF_MCU_LE.a"


Can you provide us the pointers as to how to achieve this.


Thanks and Best Regards,

Vijay Vaidya