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Safe Serial EEPROM speed

Discussion created by Alex O'Donnell on Sep 26, 2008
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Just a quick question, I think I know the answer but here goes.

I am developing code for a board which has a removable SPI EEPROM.  For now there is only one EEPROM module to plug in, but we may add more varying vendor, density etc.  I see SCLK speed is a variable between devices, from the data sheets I have seen, I would say 1MHz is about the slowest EEPROM out there, the Microchip 25LCxxx we are using is 10MHz, and Atmel seem to offer 20MHz for a similar part.

The intent is to have the EEPROM formatted, and the header to include a speed field, the EEPROM will be read at slow speed, then speed turned up when we know what it can handle.

Has anyone seen slower than 1MHz?

Has anyone had success in "trial and error" speed determination?