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Cannot debug LS1020A board: CCS: Scan timeout(CCSProtocolPlugin)

Question asked by Qiao Fangzhao on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Yiping Wang



We are trying to connect to a custom LS1020A board, but get some error:


Executing Initialization File: C:\Users\qq\workspace\connect-core0\CFG\LS1020A_TWR_Init.tcl

radix x

cmdwin::eclipse::config MemWidth 32

cmdwin::eclipse::config MemAccess 32

cmdwin::eclipse::config MemSwap off

cmdwin::eclipse::config HexPrefix 0x

cmdwin::reg sctlr = 0x00050078

thread break: Stopped, 0x0, 0x0, cpuARMLittle, connect-core0.elf (state, tid, pid, cpu, target)

cmdwin::reg lr = 0xffffffff

cmdwin::reg sp = 0x0000000f

cmdwin::reg nsacr = 0xc00

cmdwin::reg cpacr = 0x0fffffff

cmdwin::reg fpexc = 0x40000000

cmdwin::reg ETMOSLAR = 0

cmdwin::mem p:0x1185000 = 0x00000003

cmdwin::mem p:0x1EE00A4 -np

cmdwin::mem p:0x01ee00e4 = 0x3

cmdwin::mem p:0x20222704 = 0x80000000

cmdwin::mem p:0x01080110 = 0x470c0008

CCS: Scan timeout(CCSProtocolPlugin)



Our target settings are:

Processor: LS1020A

Probe Type: CWTAP








Any ideas? Thank you.