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some questions about the bootloader and reset pin of mpc5744p

Question asked by jack jack on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by jack jack

       I am tring to update the mcu of our project from mc9s12xet256 to mpc5744P. now i have some questions about MPC5744P.

1 When i use multilink to load 5744p program, will the reset pin change?(because  i am also using MC33FS6523, if the MC33FS6523 is not in debug mode,  the power of 5744p will be off(3.3V and 5V, in less than 1 second) when i use multilink to load 5744p program, i guess it is because the reset pin changed . if the MC33FS6523 is  in debug mode, everything is ok

2 If i want to use bootloader (through can communication) ,there are three pins connected to this function. FAB, ABS[0], ABS[2] , does that mean i can only use these pins as input?  if i use these pins as output does that mean i can't use the bootloader function? is there any example about the bootloader(through can communication) of 5744p.


Sorry for my poor english, i can't get through this just by 5744p user manual.