MC56F802x 56800E core - from ADC value to real Frac16

Discussion created by sandrom on Nov 9, 2017
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I'm using MC56F8023 DSC and I would like to better understand relatioship between ADC value read from A/D converter and the Fractional arithmetic. Consider this example (based on AN1911).


We have the A/D converter (12 bit) that reads the DC Bus from a classic voltage divider. The fractional values used in the algorithms are scaled on 309.0 V, so for example 60V become ((60.0 / 309.0) * 32767) = 6362.


My question is: how do I convert the 4095-based value read from ADC to its corresponding Fractional value?

I tried this:

Frac16 value;

value = FRAC16(adcValue / 4096.0);


But I think this is not the right way (I get almost the value I expect, but not the precise one), am I right?


Thanks in advance