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MPC5744p flexCAN gets stuck in freeze acknowledge

Question asked by Ivan Juresa on Nov 9, 2017
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We are developing a bootloader application for MPC5744p along with test application for that bootloader. Bootloader is communicating with PC application through flexCAN. PC application is developed by us and it is working with CCP protocol. 


When debugging both applications separately, they both work as intended. Applications are simple, just LED blinking. The problem is when the bootloader application is running and we flash the test application through our PC application everything works as intended but LED is not blinking.

If we attach on running application (test application) we can see that it is stuck in line:

while (!CAN_0.MCR.B.FRZACK) {}

After resuming application flexCAN is initialized and LED is blinking.


Both applications have the same drivers. We are still not using our drivers but yours from various test examples. Below are links to them.

flexCAN init function: [C] void InitCAN_0(uint8_t bootloadMessageID) { /* General init. No MB - 

clock initialization: [C] void MC_MODE_INIT(void) { // TODO: Check MC_ME.ME.R = 0x000005FF; - 


Thanks for your help,




Ivan Jureša