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Internal EEPROM Usage

Question asked by SAIPRIYA SUBRAMANIAN on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by Mark Butcher

I am using the internal EEPROM (256 bytes) in an S9KEAZN Kinetispart.

I would like to know what the global address is for the internal EEPROM. The Chapter 18 in the datasheet for the part goes over programming the FLASH and the global addresses for the FLASH in detail but nor the EEPROM. Is there an example code that I can use. I have deduced the following although I would like confirmation -

1. The Internal EEPROM address range is from 1000_0000 to 1000_00FF (256 bytes) as per chapter 4 in the datasheet for the part.

2. The registers that need to be written and loaded with the addresses and subsequently my data are fCCOBIX,FCCOBHI,FCCOBLO & FSTAT register for status check. Although the global addresses that need to be loaded in these registers range from global address[23:16] & globaladdress[15:0]. I would like more clarity on this.

3.Is there a PE component that can access the internal flash. I am working with the FTMRH_Init Component. 

An example code will be great to look at.