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Shared memory and eDMA-EQADC dependency ??

Question asked by Rahul Mankumbare on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Rahul Mankumbare


We are using S32 DS with MPC5777C.

We have 22 analog channels on EQADC_A and 7 channels on EQADC_B.

We are using eDMA for EQADC in continuous scan using eMIOS trigger.


We also have shared memory.

We want to share the variables in both Core 0 and Core 1.


When we try eDMA with EQADC we get all conversions of 22 plus 7 channels properly.

When we use shared memory  we are able to share multiple variables properly.


Now when we integrate the  eDMA with EQADC code with shared memory, EQADC results gets swapped.


So is there any special precaution that we need to take while using eDMA with EQADC and shared memory in sigle project.


Please suggest.