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MMA8452Q - I2C interface

Question asked by tvsg on Nov 8, 2017
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i am currently using MMA8452Q and  i am facing problems with I2C interface. i am having two doubts


1. what is the I2C speed (default) of the MMA8452Q and how to change its speed ?


2. I had connected this accelerometer (using breakout board) to Raspberry Pi B+ model and while accessing data (using I2C) i am unable to acquire the acceleration data based on the set sampling rate.

Example, if the sampling rate is fixed at 100Hz instead of obtaining 100 samples per second i am getting more than 100 with values getting repeated.

I had tried polling and interrupt based methods as given in AN4076 but i couldn't solve the issue. I am using WiringPi library to write and read data using I2C. 


Thank you in advance