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Build emWin library in MCUXpresso for FRDM-K64F

Question asked by Guillaume Audirac Employee on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Guillaume Audirac

Prior to configuring the emWin library for a new display, I want to test the latest emWin library on the FRDM-K64F platform. For this purpose:

  1. I downloaded the SDK_2.x_FRDM-K64F
  2. I created a default project based on the gui_demo SDK example
  3. I compiled on MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2_411 (successfully)

As it is based on a static emWin library v5.38a, I downloaded the latest emWin v5.42i release.

From there, I updated the project:

  • I deleted the reference to the static emWin library
  • I added a folder emwin/emWin_source
  • I updated the emWin_Config folder with the default files (from Start/Config, 5 files).
  • I updated the emWin_header folder with the default files (from Start/GUI/[Core, DisplayDriver, Widget], as well as WM.h, WM_GUI.h, 117 files)
  • I filled up the emWin_source folder with the default files (from Start/GUI/[Core, DisplayDriver, Widget], 447 files)
  • In the project properties, I added the emWin_source folder to the include paths for the compiler and assembler.

Finally, when compiling from the source, I came up with many errors, mainly undefined references.

The build log is attached.

Could you please provide some help me on this?