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I don't know why my ISR_63_LVI interrupt function has't been triggered

Question asked by WEI LI on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by lama

1、show my code:

in main:  VREGCTRL_LVIE = 1; 

in IRS:

interrupt 63 void ISR_63_LVI (void)
      word wdtmpt0 = 0x8888;
      (void)CAN0_Trans((byte * )MetrBackID_Tab,(byte *)&wdtmpt0,2,&byCAN0Priority);

VREGCTRL_LVIF = 1;//clear flag

//buf[0] = 0x6666;
if(VREGCTRL_LVDS) // Input voltage VDDA is below level VLVIA and FPM.





PROBLEM:when i shut down the system power , the LVI interrupt function ISR_63_LVI is not triggered。


I dont know why.示波器测试5V电源关闭瞬间