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Can't get KL26 into WAIT power mode

Question asked by Brandon Kuhn on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Mark Butcher



I'm struggling getting the KL26 into the WAIT power mode.


I'm using KDS 3.0 with KSDK 1.3 (because I'm midway through another project and I don't want to change now).

I'm using the FRDM-KL26Z board stock-standard, no modifications.

I'm using Processor Expert to configure everything.


I now have a clean project with just the Power Manager component added (along with any dependencies it brings in). I have created the project based on the board so the clock configurations are standard as they created out of PE. I have created 2 power modes, Run and Wait as follows:

When I use:

tPowerError = POWER_SYS_SetMode(1, kPowerManagerPolicyForcible);

I can never get the processor into wait and get it to halt what it's doing. The CPU just continues on inside the while(1) loop. Keep in mind, this is a clean simple project I created to try and isolate the problem. In wait mode, I'm expecting the CPU to stop dead in it's tracks waiting for an interrupt.


   int i = 0;
   tPowerError = POWER_SYS_SetMode(1, kPowerManagerPolicyForcible); //Wait
   tCurrentMode = POWER_SYS_GetCurrentMode();
   for (i=0; i <100;i++);


I'm clearly doing something wrong and possibly stupid - any suggestion as to why I can't get the processor to change power states using the standard PE functions would be appreciated.