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In the s12zvm Toolbox,the hostid cause a problem again

Question asked by hongjin zeng on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by Constantin Razvan Chivu

Hi everyone,

    When I use the motor control toolbox for s12zvm,the error is blow:

Error evaluating <a href="matlab:Simulink.internal.OpenCallbackParamsDialog(['adc'],'InitFcn');">'InitFcn'</a> callback of block_diagram '<a href="matlab:open_system ('adc')">adc</a>'.

   I think the error is caused by the hostid,which in my machine is xxxxx,in others machine is xxxxxxxx.I need the new 'mcd_s12z_hostid.p' file and  'mcd_s12zvm_hostid.p' file.