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Flashing u-boot.bin file on imx6ull nand flash using jlink

Question asked by Jean Gardy VALENTIN on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Sri Shan

Hi guys, i'm using a custom board designed as an imx6ull and i want to flash uboot in the nand flash memory by using a segger jlink. First of all to connect to target, i use the device MCIMX6Y1 defined in jlink. i try to load u-boot.bin binary in the flash memory but i always have write issue. I'm not sure of how to do this... I try to write the binary at this address 0x87800000 but it doesn't work. How can i access to nand flash memory? what is the start address of this memory? has anyone already burned uboot in nand flash memory using JTAG? Can somebody explain me the steps to have an uboot loading on nand flash?

I set the dip switches to serial downloader and NAND boot device.

I also tried to use and imx6ullevk board and was not able to connect to the target using the JTAG... I read on segger wiki (IMX6ULL-EVK - SEGGER - Support Wiki ) that we have to disolder some resistors to be able to use the JTAG but it depends on the board revision. So i checked mine and i have those values : 700-28616 REV A1 and SCH-28616 REV C2. The only difference is that i have SCH-28616 REV C2 and on the wiki they said SCH-28616 REV C1... So i guess for my board, i don't have to do this. So why i can't connect to the reference board? Do i have to disolder those resistors?

Thank you for your support