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i.MX6 MIPI CSI2 support for V4L2 subdev

Question asked by DI GIUSEPPE on Nov 7, 2017
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I'm currently trying to use an OV5640 MIPI camera with an i.MX6DL-based board.

I'm using a 4.1 Linux Kernel from Freescale (linux-imx.git - Freescale i.MX Linux Tree  , branch rel_imx_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga).


V4L2 seems to have subdevices-subsystem implemented in this Linux version, so I'd need the V4L2-subdev support for both OV5640 sensor and i.MX6 MIPI CSI interface.


But, only the OV5640 V4L2 subdev driver is implemented in my Kernel version.


I have several questions so :

  1. Am I doing something wrong ?
  2. Is it possible to have an OV5640 + MIPI CSI working on an 4.1 Freescale Linux Kernel ?
  3. Is the i.MX6 MIPI CSI V4L2 subdev driver staging somewhere ?


Thank you for reading and taking time to answer :-)