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kw41z in 6loble mode sends ICMPv6 pkts with bad checksum

Question asked by Vakul Garg Employee on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2017 by Vakul Garg

I am creating a 6loble setup between a kw41z-frdm board running ipv6_node example application and a linux machine connected with another kw41z-frm board running ble_hci_app firmware.

My SDK version is 2.2.


On my linux machine, I am using 6lowpan modules and following steps as given in: 

FTF-HMB-N1962_IPv6 over BLUETOOTH Low Energy (6LoBLE) .pdf .


(Note that I am not using GL.inet as described in above presentation, but using own linux machine to connect directly to kw41z-frdm board).


The BLE link between two kw41z-frdm is established. Now from ipv6_node example's shell, I do a ping to linux's ipv6 link-local address. On wireshark at linux, I can see ICMPv6 echo requests coming. But all of them get discarded as the linux could not verify checksum in ICMPv6 packets. Linux 'netstat -s -6' shows icmpv6 discard statistics count increasing. Wireshark shows that checksum is bad.


(I tried another scenario where on one kw41z-frdm board, I run ipv6_router and on second ipv6_node.

After establishing the BLE link between them, ping does not work in this case too.)


Kindly help.





PS: On mcuxpresso environment, I could not search 'C' code for function ICMP_ComputeTxChecksum6().

Only header file declaration could be searched.