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MCUXpresso recommended Code Bundles vs LPCOpen

Question asked by Larry Viesse on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Larry Viesse

A few years ago I asked a question about the jump from CMSIS to LPCOpen,  LPCOpen or not?, and it seems that I now need to ask the same sort of question regarding the recommended Code Bundles per the MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table.  The chip I am using is an LPC824.


I found the Code Bundle to be extremely lacking with regard to inline functions.  I saw nothing to provide for support of the ROM APIs.  LPCOpen has these inline functions and quite a few more.  Why are NXP recommending the low level coding approach taken with the Code Bundles?


It now appears that NXP are dropping LPCOpen for newer devices, given the rich development ecosystem that LPCOpen provides, can NXP explain why?