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i.mx6 DL D3 in a car

Question asked by Anonymous Member on Nov 5, 2017
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I have a car: Opel Insignia with a radio running on "i.MX 6 DL D3 Board, DTBID 30db, 896MB DRAM". Here is what's in the file (/ etc / issue):
"ADIT: inte-imx6_r3_e22-G3-MC0 mgc-imx6 Arm -
DISTRI: MGC_20140501 Spring-2014-05 -
Hotfix: 439
Architecture: mx6q - cortexa9-vfp-neon ".
Unfortunately, I'm not very good at Linux, but I hope you can help me. Is there a way through the USB drive to access the system to change files or add new ones?
Currently the system only allows USB with music content or videos.
I found information about "u-boot". Can that help me?
I have tried to connect a USB keyboard via the USB port, but unfortunately this is not recognized or approved.


If i can give you more informations or other discription so ask. 

I have the Software which is installed on the board, if it helps someone to find "a possibility".