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Weird pathentries

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by SCOTT MILLER

I've finally migrated one of my major projects (formerly on CW11) to MCUX and it's *mostly* gone OK - I'm not impressed with the stability and I've had some null pointer exceptions while doing things like copying a project - but I'm not finding where some weird path entries are coming from.


I get 'include path not found' messages for three bogus paths:


(project name)\#undef __ARM_NEON__

(project name)\#undef __ARM_NEON_FP

(project name)\#undef __ARM_NEON


The ARM_NEON text appears nowhere in any project file, so my guess is that it's a variable that's corrupted and those things are being substituted in.  


Any idea where I might find this?  I'm still having trouble with a corrupted includes screen (see my last post) and I'm curious if it might be related.