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Problem with the math.h standard library

Question asked by Florian Farrenkopf on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Florian Farrenkopf

Hello everybody,


I am working on the MPC5643L using the tool CW10.5.


In one project I have to use some of the functions of the math.h. 

The functions I use are the "floorf" and the "fmodf".


But than compiler produces the following errors:


-undefined: 'floorf' Referenced from 'Simulink_Task_1ms' in WST_c.obj

-undefined: 'fmodf' Referenced from 'Simulink_Task_1ms' in WST_c.obj


I´m not sure what´s wrong, cause I included the math.h in the source file. I also added the ewl-directory into the include directories of the project.


But I seem that the math.h isn´t translated correctly cause of some missing preprocessor macros. For example the macro "_EWL_C99" is missing. And I can´t define them correctly.



Do I have to change another project settings or attach another prefix-file to the project?

Or is it generally possible to use the ewl-libraries with the MPC5643L?


Thanks for your help.


Best regards