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i.MX RT CRC calculations

Question asked by Tajs Brandt on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by Rita Wang

The datasheet for i.MX RT1050 states that there is hardware support for CRC-32 calculations, but when looking in the reference manual CRC-32 is not mentioned. Does the processor provide an interface for hardware accelerated CRC-32 calculations for custom usage?


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Datasheet page 4:

Security functions are enabled and accelerated by the following hardware:

• High Assurance Boot (HAB)

• Data Co-Processor (DCP):

— AES-128, ECB, and CBC mode

— SHA-1 and SHA-256

— CRC-32


Reference manual page 446:

For security purposes, the Data Co-Processor (DCP) provides hardware acceleration for

the cryptographic algorithms. The features of DCP are:

• Encryption Algorithms: AES-128 (ECB and CBC modes)

• Hashing Algorithms: SHA-1 and SHA-256

• Key selection from the SNVS, DCP internal key storage, or general memory

• Internal Memory for storing up to four AES-128 keys—when a key is written to a

key slot it can be read only by the DCP AES-128 engine

• IP slave interface