Bruce Eisenhard

Updating the BASIC stamp

Discussion created by Bruce Eisenhard on Nov 2, 2017

Many of us more seasoned engineers (old like me) remember the Parallax BASIC stamp. It was a handy gadget for doing some simple micro control in on the bench.


I am starting a Kickstart campaign to do an Open Source Hardware version of that based on the LPC11U37.


It will include a BASIC as well as C from gcc, mBed and other sources.


Maybe more useful to this group, by adding a JTAG connector it can be downloaded with the CMSIS-DAP code and used as a serial wire/JTAG debugger.  (it was on the bottom of this prototype, but will move to the top)


Jumpering that JTAG as a target will also allow program development in MCUxpresso, Keil and IAR.


prototype of ARM based stamp controller


A simple design brings out all the pins of the LQFP48 LPC11U37.


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