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Incorporating half-duplex (echo suppression) support in blhost

Question asked by Robert Poor on Nov 2, 2017

In our application, we need blhost to do firmware updates on a KL27Z via a half-duplex serial line (RS-485, a common industrial standard).  To make blhost work on a half-duplex line, we've extended blhost to "suppress echoes", or more accurately, blhost ignores a received packet if it's identical to the packet just transmitted.  This feature is enabled via a -e/--echosuppress flag on the command line.


So that all works and has proven to be robust.


Our question: since there are certainly other clients working with RS-485 and half-duplex serial lines, is there any interest in back-porting echo suppression into the main branch of blhost?  And if so, what's the procedure for doing so?