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FRDM-K22F not start (Green LED gone out)

Question asked by Paul Russell on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Just got new FRDM-K22F for my first try with ARM

1. Followed the "Get Started in Leaflet", but it didn't respond to tilting.

    Actually it seemed to be resetting periodically as windows kept opening new folder to the USB

    Green LED is lit

2. Logged into MBED, saw the recommended new firmware.

    0221_k20dx128_k22f_0x8000.bin (at: Firmware FRDM K22F - Handbook | Mbed )

3. Booted in Bootloader OK, copied new firmware bin above to the Bootloader USB

4. Green light went out. Doesn't connect as USB drive anymore.

    Board appears dead?

    - No LEDs when connect USB to "OpenSDA" port (J5?). 

    - Only red LED (D2?) when connect USB to J16

5. Tested my USB with my smartphone, USB port is OK (charges, Communicates)


Is the board dead, or is some procedure needed?

Its almost like a fuse popped?

What to do?



Old dog, but just a beginner with ARM