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KSDK  driver version

Question asked by Randolph Wang on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Daniel Chen

Dear my friends,

   I have some questions.

I get SDK_2.2_MKL25Z128xxx4  from MCUXpresso Config Tools(SDK builder), and I find   there have too manay uart driver(such as: cmsis_driver_examples\uart\interrupt_transfer\ cmsis_usart_interrupt_transfer.c  &  driver_examples\uart\interrupt_transfer\uart_interrupt_transfer.c) , both of them are different, So my question is :

1. which driver version  I should choose, Why there have two difference uart-driver  version for UART( I know ,stm32 uart drivers is only one)

2. in file MKL25Z4.h, I find two type: UART_Type & UART0_Type

                  #define UART1 ((UART_Type *)UART1_BASE)

                 #define UART0 ((UART0_Type *)UART0_BASE)

    what the difference between the two type,    and how to use it.  ( UART_Type is used for uart1,uart2 ?    UART0_Type is only used for uart0 ?,isn't it ?)