Justin Sheng

Missing ADC clock frequency configuration in ADC_DRV_AutoCalibration

Discussion created by Justin Sheng on Nov 1, 2017

SDK version: EAR_0.8.4


Driver API: ADC_DRV_AutoCalibration


Issue: ADC_DRV_AutoCalibration does not set ADC clock divider to dividing by 2 before starting calibration sequence. However, according to S32K144 ADC specification, this step is essential:

CPU spec for ADC calibration

ADC calibration SDK API 


Although we can manually configure ADC clock before and after calling ADC_DRV_AutoCalibration, I believe the SDK API should finish all the required tasks, rather than leaving a essential step to the customer.


Hope NXP can clarify:

Whether the future SDK will incorporate this step, or the customers still have to manually configure ADC clock upon calibration?