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some error when testing dpdk on LS1043ARDB

Question asked by Joe Qiao on Nov 1, 2017

I have a question in using DPDK  on LS1043ARDB ,the SDK is QorIQ-SDK-2.0-1703 


i deployed the usdpaa image on  SD card;  flow the SDK document doing DPDK test ,flowing is the  error log:



ls1043ardb login: root

root@ls1043ardb:~# cd /usr/bin/dpdk-example

root@ls1043ardb:/usr/bin/dpdk-example# export DPAA_NUM_RX_QUEUES=1

root@ls1043ardb:/usr/bin/dpdk-example# fmc -c /usr/bin/dpdk-example/extras/usdpaa_config_ls1043.xml -p /usr/bin/dpdk-example/extras/usdpaa_policy_hash_ipv4_1queue.xml -a

root@ls1043ardb:/usr/bin/dpdk-example# mkdir /mnt/hugepages

mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/hugepages': File exists

root@ls1043ardb:/usr/bin/dpdk-example# mount -t hugetlbfs none /mnt/hugepages

root@ls1043ardb:/usr/bin/dpdk-example# cd /mnt/hugepages

root@ls1043ardb:/mnt/hugepages# ls

root@ls1043ardb:/mnt/hugepages# /usr/bin/dpdk-example/l2fwd -c 0x2 -n 1 -- -p 0x1 -q 1

EAL: Detected 4 lcore(s)

EAL: No free hugepages reported in hugepages-2048kB

PANIC in rte_eal_init():

Cannot get hugepage information

1: [/usr/bin/dpdk-example/l2fwd(rte_dump_stack+0x20) [0x454938]]