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Need help on composite HID+HID

Question asked by Sharmin Sultana sheuly on Nov 1, 2017
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I am using NGX LPC1837xplorer development board, my computer has windows 7 OS. My goal: create composite HID device in both USB0 &USB1. Using example code for LPC18xx from keil(pack installer). Followed: file:///C:/Keil_v5/ARM/PACK/Keil/MDK-Middleware/7.4.1/Doc/USB/html/_u_s_b__device.html .For setting up a Composite USB HID Device in USB0 (2 HID mouse) I have this files in my project USBD_Config_0.c, USBD_Config_HID_0.h(interface 0),USBD_Config_HID_1.h (interface 1),  USBD_User_HID_Mouse_0.c and USBD_User_HID_Mouse_1.c, HID.c


after connecting to USB0 , using below code to send report to Host


mouse_in_report[1] = (uint8_t)(-4); update = 1;

USBD_HID_GetReportTrigger(0, 0, mouse_in_report, 4);


However, I get working only USB0(interfcae 0), USB0 (interfcae 1)does not works.  I want to send data to host from both interface.


I am new on this. any example code /documentation/tips will be highly apricated.