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MPC5604 not to ADC interrupt

Question asked by 崔 亚飞 on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Martin Kovar

I recently used in the MPC5604 ADC interrupt function, found that it can not get into the interrupt, the initial configuration no problem, and finally found a "MPC5604B_M27V.h" in the problem, but do not know the reason, we can explain to me, specific as follows:

union {
               vuint32_t R;
                  struct {
                                 vuint32_t NSTART:1;
                                 vuint32_t JABORT:1;
                                 vuint32_t JSTART:1;
                                  vuint32_t CTUSTART:1;
                                  vuint32_t CHADDR:7;
                                  vuint32_t ACK0:1;
 1\\                                 vuint32_t:2;                         // Changed here, and the original is 3
                                  vuint32_t ADCSTATUS:3;
                  } B;



2\\                           int32_t ADC_reserved2[6];       /* (0x04F - 0x038)/4 = 0x05 */   // The 6 of the brackets were changed to 5


Changed the above two, the ADC interrupt is OK !!!

I would like to ask why!!!!