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Changing struct v4l2_if_type_bt656 for a csi2 format Help?

Question asked by Mustafa Bakırcıoglu on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hello ;

I need to modify the v4l2_if_type_bt656 parallel camera interface for  csi2 interface I look at the this document

but I did not know where should I have to look at this document. Can some one explain what v4l2_if_type_bt656 struct is doing and how can I modify according to the csi2 interface. It would be very appreciated.

struct v4l2_if_type_bt656 {
     * 0: Frame begins when vsync is high.
     * 1: Frame begins when vsync changes from low to high.
    unsigned frame_start_on_rising_vs:1;
 /* Use Bt synchronisation codes for sync correction. */
    unsigned bt_sync_correct:1;
 /* Swap every two adjacent image data elements. */
    unsigned swap:1;
   /* Inverted latch clock polarity from slave. */
    unsigned latch_clk_inv:1;
 /* Hs polarity. 0 is active high, 1 active low. */
    unsigned nobt_hs_inv:1;
 /* Vs polarity. 0 is active high, 1 active low. */
    unsigned nobt_vs_inv:1;
    enum v4l2_if_type_bt656_mode mode;
   /* Minimum accepted bus clock for slave (in Hz). */
    u32 clock_min;
    /* Maximum accepted bus clock for slave. */
    u32 clock_max;
     * Current wish of the slave. May only change in response to
     * ioctls that affect image capture.
    u32 clock_curr;

Also I want to ask is ipu-v3.h compatible for csi2 interface which ipu specification should I use ?

Best Regards