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MKE18F512VLL16  LVW Interrupt

Question asked by Li Feng on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2017 by Li Feng

I want use LVW interrupt  to detect power off and save some data to eerpom(flexNVM), but the it can't into LVD_LVW_IRQHandler.


Set breakpoint in LVD_LVW_IRQHandler, in debug mode , power off MCU, the program can't run to breakpoint ;

Set breakpoint in HardFault_IRQHandler, in debug mode , power off MCU, the program also can't run to breakpoint ;


After power off the MCU, the +5V power can keep 1ms from 4V to 3V, why it can't work into interrupt?

Or how to store some status data at the power off ?


This is the configration LVW Interrupt code.

void low_voltage_warning_config(void)
   pmc_low_volt_detect_config_t             lvds_lvd_config;
   pmc_low_volt_warning_config_t          lvds_lvw_config;


   lvds_lvd_config.enableInt = true ;
   lvds_lvd_config.enableReset = false ;
   lvds_lvw_config.enableInt = true ;

  PMC_ConfigureLowVoltDetect(PMC, &lvds_lvd_config);
   PMC_ConfigureLowVoltWarning(PMC, &lvds_lvw_config);


At the beginning of the program , set LVD_LVW_IRQn priority is 0.

NVIC_SetPriority( LVD_LVW_IRQn , 0);



void LVD_LVW_IRQHandler(void)
   bool lvdf_status;
   bool lvwf_status;

   lvdf_status = PMC_GetLowVoltDetectFlag( PMC );
   lvwf_status = PMC_GetLowVoltWarningFlag( PMC );

   if( lvdf_status ) PMC_ClearLowVoltDetectFlag( PMC );
   if( lvwf_status ) PMC_ClearLowVoltWarningFlag( PMC );

   if( lvwf_status || lvdf_status )
      flash_eeprom_write_4_byte( software_ver_address, 1101 ); 

   PRINTF("MCU power low and system halt \r\n");