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imx6ul csi problem

Question asked by 王 双 on Oct 31, 2017
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I use imx6ul + yocto-4.1.15-ga to develop  product, when debuging csi module + ov9712(parallel) on gated mode,  we found image we get sometimes is ok.

But sometimes we can't get anything, at this time I use memtool to check CSI register, I found CSI.CSIDMASA_FB1 is equal to CSI.CSIDMASA_FB2, but if the image is OK, these two registers value is different, and these two registers value is only the difference point between  2 situation.

I attach the memtool result.


Pls help me to solve it.

this is we get correct image.

image is ok



this  we can't get anything, no data, 

we can't get anything from csi