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Getting started with a simple two device thread network

Question asked by johanandrade on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Ovidiu Alexandru Usturoi

Hey all. I've just gotten started on a Thread project and want to see if there are resources/advise people can share. Here’s the hardware I have:



My devices are assigned to the following type:


  • 1 Rigado board = Router eligible end device (frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_thread_router_eligible_device_freertos)
  • 1 Rigado board for use on the battery operated device = Low Power End Device (frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_thread_low_power_end_device_freertos)


I've gone through the Kinetis Thread Stack Application Demo guide to get acclaimed with starting a thread network and joining. I now want to move on to doing a simple application and just use a button (SW3/SW4) on the REED Rigado board to wireless communicate with the battery operated device so it can open and close the gate. Afterwards I’d like to implement the S7G2 touchscreen device to the REED board to perform this. My questions are the following:


  • The R41Z should be able to handle a device w/ 3 batteries @1.5VDC each correct? Any suggestions on which ports to use on the R41Z to plug in the wires from the motor?
  • As mentioned above, I’m using the two projects examples as provided by NXP. Are these two projects a good base to getting started on what I’m trying to do?
    • On the REED device to get started, would I just program it for SW3 or SW4 to send a message to activate the ports on the LPED where the battery device is wired into? Are there any similar examples or references that can be shared? Which source files I should look into for programming this communication?
    • Once I get to the touchscreen phase for the REED device – how would I go about integrating the thread board with the touchgfx application? Are there any starting points I can use?
    • Last question is regarding running the LPED on battery. Can the 3 batteries be used to power both the motor on the device and the R41Z board?