Tianhao Zhang

vista update for codewarrior v4.5

Discussion created by Tianhao Zhang on Sep 25, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2008 by CompilerGuru
i'm using codewarrior dev. studio v4.5, and i'm running it on windows vista.

during installation, while the program was trying to install the debugger, there was an error that read soemthing like " Failed to install the INF file, (C:\windows\inf\windrvr6.inf).....". I simply continued with the error anyway, because I was told that the error was due to code warrior's incompatibility to vista, a problem which is fixed by update v4.7.1.

I downloaded the update, however, the update asks for v4.7 which i do not have and cannot have.

here are my questions
1. Is codewarrior now compatible with vista or not?
2. if so, do i have the rigth update patch (i.e. v.4.7.1)
3. if the update patch is correct, how do use it on a v4.5?

thanks a bunch