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K22 one-pass Bootloader+User Program Install

Discussion created by Gordy Carlson on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Hui_Ma

For production we would like the be able to pre-program the K22 chips with both the bootloader and the current version of the runtime code in order to reduce the programming and test time on the production line.  Currently we have a programming file for them to use to pre-program the bootloader portion of this, but we aren’t sure how to make a combined binary (or HEX) image that they can then pre-program into the chips.


We are going to use the Bootloader version that remains resident in the K22 (not one-time programming) so we can perform later field updates of the user program


I've been looking at the Kinetis Flash Tool, which permits configuration of the Bootloader Configuration Area, as well as programming the user program into the K22.  But I don't superficially see if a combined programming sequence (Bootloader + User Program) can be programmed in one-pass.


Advice appreciated,

Gordy Carlson