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How to forward an incoming CoAP message via THCI

Question asked by Aron Jaro on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by claudiacristinarosu

This question is a repost, as my original posting somehow unexpectedly disappeared from the forum.


I am working with KW41Z based nodes, that form a Thread network. My model network consists of the following components:

  • NodeA - Running frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_thread_router_eligible_device_freertos firmware
  • NodeB - Running frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_thread_host_controlled_device_freertos firmware
  • Linux machine - Connected to node B on a TTY port, using THCI. It runs software written in C, built with the Kinetis Host SDK libraries.

The Thread network between the nodes is established, and the Linux machine successfully initiates pinging nodeA over THCI.


What I wish to do is the following:

NodeA sends a CoAP message to nodeB. Then nodeB should transmit the recieved frame to the FSCI framer running on my Linux machine, in order to process the frame. It must be nodeA that initiates the communication.

Using the shell on nodeA, I can show that the CoAP message reaches nodeB, but the framer running on the Linux machine does not call my callback function.


How should I approach this? Are there any code examples on this functionality?

Thank you in advance