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Kernel panic issue and Weston launching issue with yocto morty build for imx6qp sabre AI board

Question asked by lavakumar s on Oct 30, 2017
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I am working on imx6qp sabre auto board, (MCIMXABASEV1,MCIMX6QPAICPU3 cards).

building Linux ivi-image with yocto platform. it was working fine with Jethro realease.


but I wanted to move the Weston to latest version i.e Weston_1.11.0 build successful(except for Weston_1.13.0) but Weston was launching on target . so decided to move the yocto version to morty.


now yocto morty (repo init -u git:// -b imx-morty)

tried building image using : bitbake fsl-qt5-image -k.


here Linux-imx_4.9.11 as well as Linux-imx_4.1.15 not working ("fetcher failure errors")

so used from jethro yocto build file .

kernel boot stops after "starting kernel " print.

is that correct?? let me know what to do? but still kernel not booting so copied kernel image from jethro build to sd-card and tried to check GUI here Weston not launching. please help here


this version has Weston_1.11.0. here also yocto build successful but when I try to launch the Weston I am getting  segmentation fault.  issue is same as with the yocto jethro version.


Please help me resolving this issue.


Note : please check the attachments.



Lavakumar S