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Android-Nougat-imx6q android low volume playback noise issue

Question asked by RAVIKIRAN J J on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by RAVIKIRAN J J

Hi All,


I am working on the imx6q based customized board with 16K (MAX) sampling rate audio codec, Nougat porting.


I know the android top volume is controlled by software.

But i am facing one issue, regarding Android low volume playback is producing some noise along with audio.

Noise is increasing as android volume decreases...


If i use native tool tinyplay for playback of .wav files and volume controlled by tinymix with Volume control register is not producing any noise...along with audio.

Noise is there only with android playback of Music files or Video files.


Is resampling in HAL audio data to 16K sampling rate,  producing additional noise along with the audio ?

Or what may be the reason and how to solve this issue?





Ravikiran J J