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Confusion of SWT for MPC5744P in S32DS

Question asked by yu chen on Oct 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Peter Vlna

Dear all,

I've met a Confusion of SWT for MPC5744P in S32DS.For this part,the code involves 3 parts,

1.void SWTInit(void),

2.void SWTClear(void),

3.void FCCUInit(void),

as follows:

// 1

void SWTInit(void)
/* Provide a Key to unlock SWT configuraiton registers */
SWT_0.SR.R = 0xC520;
SWT_0.SR.R = 0xD928;

/* Wait for solf-lock bit */
while (SWT_0.CR.B.SLK == 0x1);
/* Enable SWT_0 */
SWT_0.CR.B.WEN = 0x1;
/* Set SWT timeout */
SWT_0.TO.R = 0x000FFFFF;
SWT_0.CR.R = 0xFF000101;//0xFF000315;//0xFF000101;
}// end of SWTInit


// 2

void SWTClear(void)
SWT_0.SR.R = 0x0000A602; // 向SR中写入0xA602和0xB480喂狗
SWT_0.SR.R = 0x0000B480;
}// end of SWTClear


// 3

void FCCUInit(void)
/* Unlock configuration */

/* provide Config state key */
FCCU.CTRLK.R = 0x913756AF;

/* enter config state - OP1 */
FCCU.CTRL.R = 0x1;

/* Verify if state change was sucessful */
while (FCCU.CTRL.B.OPS != 0x3); //operation status successful

/* Configure FCCU to react on NCF14 with long functional reset */
FCCU.NCFS_CFG[0].R = 0x20000000; //long functional reset reaction

/* Configure FCCU to react on NCF with short reset */
FCCU.NCFS_CFG[0].R = 0x10000000;


FCCU.NCF_CFG[0].R = 0x4000;

//set up the NOMAL mode of FCCU
FCCU.CTRLK.R = 0x825A132B; //key for OP2
FCCU.CTRL.R = 0x2; //set the OP2 - set up FCCU into the NORMAL mode
while (FCCU.CTRL.B.OPS != 0x3); //operational status succesfull



In the MAIN fuction,call the functions like this:


int main(void)
        int counter = 0;

        xcptn_xmpl (); // Configure and Enable Interrupts
        peri_clock_gating(); // Configures enabling clocks

        for (;;)//Loop forever
        return 0;
}//end of main


In the main function,no matter call SWTClear or not ,the MCU does not reset.

But when I config the FCCU as

FCCU.NCFS_CFG[0].R = 0x4000;

then no mater call SWTClear or not, the MCU will reset time after time papidly,and the period does not depend on the register :

/* Set SWT timeout */
SWT_0.TO.R = 0x000FFFFF;


(I judge the MCU reset or not by a LED which is configed to be light on.When the LED stay light on,I think the MCU does not reset;when the LED bink,I think the MCU is reset again and again.)


I wonder is there anything wrong in my configuration,or is there any example of SWT for MPC5744P in S32DS.

I am looking forward to your reply!